Thursday, July 16, 2015


Image of the Day:  The electric hum of the hummingbird's flight toward the feeder.

It is a beautiful day:  no humidity finally, a slight breeze to keep the mosquitoes off--not to mention the evil horseflies--and the sun.

I have a poem here in Radar Poetry you can read and listen to.  I have been submitting more this year, it seems to me, than other years.  But my poetry output seems slower or more erratic.  It seems like how I write poetry is dependent on so many things that I'm not sure I can control:  time, mainly, and the right sort of combinations of ideas, prompts, etc.  My manuscript was a finalist in two contests and also a semifinalist, so there's that hopefulness that keeps me submitting that thing. 

I'm reading The Sunlit Night.  I've read Dear Committee Members which was fun but definitely not a second read type of book.  I also read for the very first time To Kill a Mockingbird, with all the attending hoopla about Harper Lee's second book coming out. 

I also have received some amazing poetry books from Facebook friends:  Donna Vorreyer's beautiful Encantado, Margaret Bashaar's Stationed Near the Gateway, and Ruth Foley's Creature Feature. 
I've also been able to up my subscriptions to magazines this year, and check out new journals like Atlas Review and Crazyhorse. 


                    To put the moon back in a song. To put back the sun
                    And the stars. To loosen a little the air from the ether.
                  To let the grass keep in thin shadows secret its secret love.
                                      To keep the roots dark. Nothing
                  Hasn't had enough of fear. Wants fear a little more wild.
      To the deaf ear and the wheat ear that cannot not hear the covering pall
Cover up the moon. Find some song like a coin lost in the grass. Give it a home.

Dan Beachy-Quick

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