Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My poem, "The Woman of Lascaux," in the recent issue of Sou'wester, a journal I've been trying to get into for, oh, four or five years.

Diane Lockward has some great links to new journals that are beautiful.  I went and found Waxwing, which is gorgeous and has fantastic poets in their issue.  Plus, Cedar Waxwings are my absolutely favorite bird, so I had to submit.  Wish me luck with all that.

I actually did write a fair amount of poems for this June Poem-A-Day month.  Having plenty of journal entries helped.  But the summer schedule is shifting and so I think I'm back to just writing in the journal, collecting things and hopefully later, I can work some poems out of them.

From Madness, Rack, and Honey:  "Poetry is NEVER encoded--it is NEVER a covert operation whose information is ciphered and must be deciphered--and yet it does incline toward self-concealment, insofar as it concentrates intently on what words conceal, or, to put it another way, on what language seeks to reveal.

It concentrates on the inside in an attempt to reverse the situation; to turn it inside out" (91).

There is a Stir, Always 
Catherine Graham
If I hold onto this body the snow will grow inside me
and the winter of my cells will flake
into tiny crystals like six-figured gods,
each arrow tip attempting to make the point of something
as tears flow.

There is a stir, always.

I rise to the cold
to take my place among the fragile stars,
and sleep.

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