Thursday, February 13, 2014

In General

Image of the Day:  Sparrow Hawk lifting off the snow holding a squealing small bird.

I think it was a junco.  Poor thing.  That happened this morning as I was taking the puppy out.  Well, everyone has to eat, I guess.  Still--it happened under my birdfeeder.

Snowy walk this morning.  I had a fabulous time also at the reading last night--a friend I hadn't expected showed up with her gorgeous daughter--yay for Shoney!  And the reading went well and it was so much fun to meet people and hear their poems as well.  Thank you so much to Jenn Monroe for inviting me.  If  you get a chance,  you should go to Gloucester and check out their series and just the town in general.  And thank you to Diane for coming with me and showing me some great new places!!  Here's a picture of me reading.

I've gotten a few rejections lately, big surprise there, and some good news as well.  Still reading Bluets.

Becoming a Book
"When writers die they become books, which is, after all,
not too bad an incarnation."

                                          —Jorge Luis Borges

           for Ben Furnish

All these years,
without knowing it,
I've been preparing for my rebirth
as a book.

Each day
I try to condense
light and darkness
into one more page.

At night
I count the pages left
before it's time
to come back.

Now that my destiny is known,
we need not say goodbye.
I'll be there guarding you
from a shelf.

Howard Schwartz

The Library of Dreams: New & Selected Poems 1965-2013
BkMk Press

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