Monday, February 11, 2013

Letting Loose

Yesterday, my son and I finally got outside and went to my friend's house (thank you Linda!) for some much needed fun.  We went sledding down paths we made ourselves in her back yard.  After being stuck inside for what seemed like years.  The sun was happy and warm and shiny. 

This month the poems aren't working for me.  I think part of my problem is that I wanted to force the poems to work a certain way for me and wasn't willing to just let what come, come.  I wanted to write about different subject matters and I just couldn't make them work the way they wanted to / needed to.  I'm thinking about still trying to jump into the foray but I think I may need to just read more, practice in my journal more.  It's sort of depressing but knowing I'm trying to force the poems means, I think, that I need to step back for awhile.  Try something different, rather than write with a group that knows me so well--even though I'm a stout believer in that sort of thing, but something needs to be let loose.  Or let happen more quietly.

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